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PurpleSoft Mobile ERP

PurpleSoft Mobile ERP powered by HansaWorld
PurpleSoft Mobile ERP takes full advantage of the latest in technologies as delivered by Window 8 Platforms, Apple’s Mac and Probook, iPads, iPhones, Android Devices and Linux Platforms.  The entire client software is written for the installed Operating System - You wish mobility then install our clients on your iPad or Android pad or your phone and watch the same software you use on your desktop or laptop work on your phone, using your phones cellular service and not forcing you to find a WiFi connection.  This is mobility, it's not an "App" but rather your software working for you wherever you are.
This is different to our competitors at this time who offer a subset of the software written to run as an "App"/"Web App"  or where the client is installed in an emulated mode so that it will work.  The weakness of an App is that these are subsets of the "parent" application written to handle a specific feature(s), and limits the user when more functionality is required of the software App that is already available in the "parent" application. Supervisors, managers and other administrative users, who typically require more functionality, are now forced into relying on multiple devices in order to fully benefit from the power of the software you license. 
Issues with emulation of software not designed for the installed operating system stems from the fact that taking advantage of the new features available in the newer platforms (Operating System) is limited at best. What you end up with is old technology "mostly working", on a  better, more advanced platform.
With PurpleSoft Mobile ERP you can use any server including Linux and run any client back to your data.  With our advanced Wide Area Networking module you do not need a Terminal Server in order to connect to the database so that you can access your data.  Everything is encrypted and managed by the client server protocols built-in.  We even take care of your less advertised tasks such as document mangement for compliance with the Government of Canada's "Scan and Shred" support for a paperless office.
PurpleSoft Mobile ERP is modern software simply because we support modern ideas and idealogies that you need today!!!
PurpleSoft Mobile ERP
Your entire business in the palm of your hand!

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