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PurpleSoft Mobile ERP Modules and Features



PurpleSoft allows you to choose between fully hosted and managed, and self hosted and managed, with all points in between. Say goodbye to Citrix  and other third-party software and
additional hardware, as all necessary components are built into the PurpleSoft engine.


Fed up of the promises but lack of delivery of low functionality apps? Concerned that browser solutions are slow and not built for your choice of device? PurpleSoft delivers the entire suite of software natively on your choice of mobile device: tablets
or smartphones running Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows 8. No compromises - your business, in the palm of your hand!


Run all functionality wherever you are, as long as you can get a cellphone signal. Access all your data, including centralised document management. And because your data is centralised not local to the device, you lose no data if you lose the device - or your staff member leaves.



Retain all the valuable data you have spent years collecting in other systems. Automated conversion routines exist for specific packages. STOP THE PRESS FOR SAGE SOFTWARE BUSINESS VISION CUSTOMERS: ASK ABOUT OUR FREE DEMO ON YOUR DATA!



A picture speaks a thousand words, and never more so than with well-designed dashboards providing easy-to-use tools for better understanding your business. The key to the strength of PurpleSoft’s BI and reporting is its unrivalled analysis capabilities, offering many ways of slicing and dicing your data.



Accounting and ERP is all about the numbers in your business - inventory quantities, expenses, profitability etc. Customer Relationship Management provides the story behind those numbers - why a vendor is late shipping, and what have you said to your customers. Quite simply, if customer relationships are not manageged in the same system, you’ll never fully leverage your own data.




Do you want your system to prompt you when to do things? Integrated workflow delivers this, emailing, texting or prompting you if a budget is met or exceeded, a quote falls below minimum acceptable profitability and the sales rep cannot authorize but a manager is alerted to do so, keep inventory drops below the buffer level, and any other indicators you choose. Also you can link "To-Dos" into a complete workflow, so that you are prompted for all steps in a repetitive task - always with drilldown to the task itself.



PurpleSoft is unique in offering not just the usual ledgers and supply chain modules, and integrated CRM, but also features
written specifically for:
  • Manufacturers
  • Agencies,
  • Professional services
  • Field Service
  • Rentals
  • Retail
  • Asset Tracking
  • and more...
No need for 3rd Party add-ons, all the code sits inside the same application, with no compromises on interaction with the core system.



Store any document against any transaction in the system, or in a complete “bulletin board” system. PurpleSoft manages encryption of the data both on the server and when in transit to your device, along with all the functionality involved in uploading to the central server. Drag and drop documents around the system, find them easily, and open them if you have access to the source record - from any device,  from anywhere, not just a PC and certainly not just within your office walls. Wishing to go paperless?!! Our system will provide you the infrastructure to assist you in remaining in compliance to the Government of Canada's guidelines for keeping Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence.


Always a challenge and now a full function module in one unified application.  Technicians stay connected to the service centre and their support teams confidence. Images are transmitted seamlessly to the office and stored securely. Worksheets allow for the tracking of time on the job and notes made. With a single touch the office servers collect all information. Track work performed, report to client effectively and accurately and consolidate hours for payroll with ease. Field Service management is a great asset to any service oriented company.


In our opinion the birth place of ERP. Even today, we still find many businesses refer to their ERP systems and Business Automation Software tools as “Our accounting software”. We can’t change the way you think but we certainly can innovate this very mature module within our system.  With full support for A/P, A/R, G/L the base engine of PurpleSoft Mobile ERP brings with it Inventory control, Customer tracking, Vendor tracking, PO, Multi-currency, Document management and all the banking and business accounting functions you would expect.  As this is an integrated system our Asset management module integrates to offer a fully functional depreciation feature that you can define the model you wish to use for the depreciation. 



PurpleSoft Mobile ERP

Your entire business in the palm of your hand!